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Washington Nanofabrication Facility

Washington Nanofabrication Facility

UW Electrical & Computer Engineering students work in the Washington Nanofabrication Facility clean room.

The Washington Nanofabrication Facility (WNF) is a shared user facility that provides open access to leading-edge and traditional micro and nanofabrication processing equipment. The lab operates at UW as part of the Institute for Nano-Engineered Systems (NanoES) directed by UW ECE professor Karl Böhringer. Supported by the The National Science Foundation (NSF), WNF is the largest publicly accessible fabrication facility in the Pacific Northwest.

WNF provides a unique environment for students to work side by side with a diverse user base including UW faculty, UW students, outside researchers and process engineers from a variety of industries.

The laboratory clean rooms, tools, services and staff enable users in support of basic and applied research, advanced research and development, and prototype production in a variety of research areas including quantum computing, advanced engineered materials research, photonics, MEMS, NEMS and much more.

For information on using this premier facility, visit the WNF website.